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Dispute Resolution

Ms. Kapulina-Filina possesses over 11 years of expertise in litigation, arbitration, mediation, and settlement negotiations, equipped with numerous victories in Federal and State trial and appellate courts and agency and arbitration proceedings, and having successfully negotiated numerous favorable settlements for clients.

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Corporate Law

We specialize in corporate transactions of all sizes including, among others, stock and asset acquisitions, technology contracts, joint ventures, vendor agreements, and terms and conditions.

  •  General Contracts -- If you are ready to hire consultants and employees, you need the right type of agreement.  Launched a website?  Make sure you have a comprehensive terms of use and privacy policy.  Are you protecting your confidential information with a proper NDA?  We prepare all forms of business agreements critical to successful day-to-day operations.

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Intellectual Property

  • Trademark Prosecution - We will obtain registration from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office of your company name and logo, getting your company global recognition, unique presence, and a long-term competitive advantage.
  • Copyright Registration - We will protect your most valuable inventions by filing copyright  registrations with the U.S. government, and guide your through the process to implement effective measures to guard your work.
  • Licensing and Assignments

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Corporate Formation and Governance

Ready to form your business?  We can help.  We can incorporate your business entity in any state fast, obtain an EIN, and prepare all your corporate governance documents. 

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Enforcement of Judgements

Whether you have a domestic or foreign judgment, we have experience obtaining recognition of the judgment in the U.S. jurisdiction where the debtor possesses assets.  We work with expert asset search specialists and sheriff offices to seize assets subject to the judgment.

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Commerical Real Estate

We possess years of experience in reviewing, negotiating, and conducting closings in connection with leases, subleases and lease assignments for commercial space.

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Additional Information


What agreements are crucial for my business?

Non-disclosure agreement — A non-disclosure agreement (NDA), also known as a confidentiality agreement, is a legal agreement between parties that describes confidential information and proprietary materials that the parties wish to share with one another for business purposes, but to which they wish to prohibit or confine access to third parties. NDAs are critical for all businesses because they protect against disclosure of sensitive nonpublic business information, including trade secrets. Without an NDA, a party may share your proprietary data with your competitors.  Easy Click Legal can prepare an NDA which will protect your business that you can present to anyone with whom you need to share your confidential business information to collaborate, including vendors, consultants, employees, and outside business partners.

Inventions assignments – An inventions assignment is a legal contract between a company and a third party, including a developer, inventor, designer, or consultant whereby the invention or work developed or made by such third party for the company will belong to the company. Not many businesses realize that without a written assignment, even though the company paid for the work developed, the developer is the default owner under the law. Without a written agreement, the most the company can obtain is a non-exclusive right to use the invention – despite having paid for it!

Independent contractor agreements — An independent contractor is a person or business that provides goods or services to another entity. Independent contractor agreements are obviously important for freelancers to define the services and compensation to be exchanged. They are equally vital for businesses hiring independent contractors such as consultants because, absent such an agreement, the contractor/consultant may be classified by the authorities as an employee, requiring your business to carry unemployment insurance, workers compensation coverage, among other administrative and tax implication, which will impose significant costs and liability.

Terms of use/service for website — Terms of service, also known as terms of use and terms and conditions is a legal agreement between a company operating a website and the users of such site. They contain regulations with which users must abide in order to use the website, as well as important disclaimers and limitations on liability for the business. Terms of use address copyrights, security, intellectual property, website content, and privacy — among a whole array of other topics which are essential to properly run a website.  Terms of use are most critical if you have website which features user-generated content.


Why do I need to register my company’s logo as a trademark?

  • Trademarks are brands, and consumer decisions are driven by brand names and reputations.
  • Trademarks convey a message to consumers about your company and its products and services.
  • Trademarks can help you gain broad, even global, recognition. For example, Nike’s swoosh sign or the McDonald’s “M” are recognized worldwide.
  • Trademarks make it simpler for clients to identify and recognize your company and distinguish between you and your competitors.
  • Trademarks facilitate effective use of social media and internet marketing.
  • Trademarks are an asset that grows with your business. The more business you do, the more value your mark holds.
  • Trademarks can give your business a long-term competitive advantage in the industry through brand recognition.
  • Trademarks are highly effective at protecting you from unfair competition and deceptive business practices.
  • Trademark registration is relatively inexpensive, and registration never expires.
  • Registration provides greater protection by putting the world on notice of your ownership of the mark, greater deterrence from others using your mark or a similar mark, and greater remedies in the event of infringement.

Why should I apply for copyright registration of my work?

  • When your work is stolen by a competitor, licensee, or disgruntled employee/consultant, losses to your business can be astounding. Copyright registration allows you to recoup these losses.
  • Copyright registration provides drastically greater protection than any contract.
  • Copyright registration provides impressive remedies for infringement, including statutory damages, recovery of attorneys’ fees and litigation expenses, seizure of infringing products, and ban against sale and importation of infringing goods.
  • Copyright registration is cheap and fast. 

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