Nucleus21 - Business consulting and product development company (New York, Florida)

"I've turned to Darya over the years for legal expertise on a number business related projects that involved contracts, patents and trademarks.  Her approach to client’s need is thorough and expedient.  She is a consummate professional ."

Daiva™ - Designer of hand-made footwear, apparel, textiles, jewelry, and handbags (NY, Lithuania)

"When my consultants abroad started using my designs, I knew I had to take matters into good hands to make sure that I do not lose my valuable intellectual property. My designs are the heart of my business.  The Law Offices of Darya Kapulina-Filina guided me through every layer of protection available to my company.  The safeguards we implemented were a savior and who knew it would be painless! It felt fantastic to regain control over my business, my name, my designs, and my products.  Thank you so much!"


All Funeral Services LLC - End of life services provider (Russia, U.S.)

 "I thoroughly enjoy working with with Ms. Kapulina-Filina.  She is a true professional.  Despite her busy schedule, she always makes time to meet and chat, and takes her time to assure that all our questions are answered.  Regardless what matter arises, she assures that we have a road map to reach our end goal." 

Red Wooden Flag® - Stationary, greeting cards, paper decor (Russia, Ukraine, U.S., Chile, Korea)

"Thank you so much team for getting our company up and running, getting our brand registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office with no hiccups, and getting us ready to sell with a sales tax license.  Thanks to you we had a profitable holiday sales season and have been thriving since."


Conetaballs - Unique wooden puzzles (U.S., Czech Republic)

"Our puzzles were a hit before they even hit the shelves, but when we received a letter from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office rejecting our trademark registration we were distraught.  Darya Kapulina-Filina took action and through her hard work and persistence, our application was approved.  Thank you, Darya for putting your trust in us and seeing this important matter through successfully."


Typi LLC - Software and App Development (Delaware, Kazakhstan)

"Darya and Denis were there for us though each step of registering our Delaware subsidiary, obtaining an EIN, drafting our governing documents, and even setting us up with a registered agent.  Their ability to work together to get the results we needed was nothing short of exemplary."

Success Stories


2018 Unanimous Jury Verdict Trial Dismissing $20 Million Claims

 Darya Kapulina-Filina worked on a trial team as former Partner at Shelowitz Law Group and prevailed in a 2018 trial where jury handed down a unanimous verdict in a 9+ year litigation between LLC members for breach of fiduciary duty and usurpation of corporate opportunity claims with exposure to client of over $20 million.


$3 Million Arbitration Award

In 2017, Ms. Kapulina-Filina second chaired an international arbitration against a financial technology provider in connection with software development for automated trading systems and brokers, obtained a victorious arbitration award of nearly $3 million,and successfully attached assets, including customer receivables in aid of arbitration.


$17.5 Million Stockholder Settlement

While working in a corporate governance team at Pomerantz LLP, Ms. Kapulina-Filina settled a high-profile stockholder lawsuit against a publicly traded global asset manager and its controlling shareholder/activist investor for $17.5 million.